My work focuses on exploring things that surround us, such as intimate spaces, interiors, and objects with personal meanings. My interest is centered around personal identity and its mapping through objects. I mainly work with oil and acrylic paints, a classical technique, with an emphasis on colors and recurring motives.

I am deeply inspired by the traditional art forms of different folks. The repetition of patterns in an alternating rhythm is one of the main characteristics of my artwork, such as North-African, Oriental, and similar kinds of motives that I discovered during my travels. I am continuously making countless sketches and photos of patterns and motives that are found on tilework and on traditional potteries to expand my collection of motifs. These patterns with various meanings serve as an inspiration for my paintings.

I create imaginary spaces, fictitious interiors, and still lifes by using various kinds of patterns. Showing the many different motifs in one composition, giving them a new meaning and context. The classical categorization suggests a lot of possibilities for contemporary adaptation. Sticking to the virtues of painting itself through color, flatness, and simplification of shapes, I attempt to create a sensible, nostalgic atmosphere where anything is possible. Through these artworks, I would like to find connections to people, dive into the world of different cultures of nations. I would like to suggest a different way of thinking about the fragments of the artificial, human-created world that surrounds us.